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When will I actually start earning money?

You start earning money when you enter new sales outlets to the MobiS network and register them through your account as an authorized MobiJobs agent.

How can I get my money back?

Your funds are transferred to you on a monthly basis through the payment methods that you specify yourself during the registration process and that are available in the country from which you operate

Are there any prohibitions?

* You cannot earn money if you subscribe to the MobiService network as a "seller of sale" using your identification code.

* You cannot view or access any accounts and user subscriptions that have been subscribed using your ID

* You cannot cancel any accounts or transfer ownership of any accounts to users that have signed up using your ID

What is the mechanism of work as a MobiJobs agent?

When you join MobiJobs certified dealerships, we provide you with a dedicated referral link, which you can share via email, and on social media
Or on your blog, website, forums, and even in offline activities or any marketing activities that reach you to target customers

How to increase my income?

Benefit from understanding your local market and knowing the most important sales channels that are compatible with our system services to attract the right audience easily

Are there any maximum or minimum proxy limits for outlets per month?

There is no maximum, the more your outlets increase your profit, of course, the minimum is 10 outlets per month, and the agency is withdrawn if you enter a smaller number for 3 consecutive months.